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Training Center Fundraiser

To fill gaps where government and large NGO's need partners to reach the poorest of the poor in the slums. 

Capital needed $150,000USD

Container              $15,000

Land                      $80,000

Van                        $12,000

Training Tools        $  4,000

License/Marketing $  4,000

Attorney                $  2,500

Soil prep/planting $10,000

Site Mgr. home      $  2,000

Team(7) Salary 1yr  $12,000

Misc.                     $  8,500



Agriculture: We want to train more youth from the slums in urban and vertical farming, and teach about entrepreneurship. 

Art: We can integrate art activities at the center. 

Child care: We want to provided care on-site for women who attend our trainings. We will hire community elders to tell stories & pass down cultural traditions to children while they play in our farm-entrepreneurial environment.

LuckySummer Slum: is where the new training center will be located, following a place-based approach.  We have 1 acre of land held for us in Machakos and Diani Beach for more entrepreneurial projects if additional funding is secured.

Eco-friendly: Our choice of space is a freight container to show our commitment to recycling. The center will include an eco-stove to train for healthy cooking, dry-flush toilets with Sanergy for waste recycling, solar lighting, rain water collection for irrigation, and abandoned tires as furnishings. 

Business Model

We follow a multi-sided, humanistic business model whereby services are offered directly to communities and to larger organizations who wish to reach slum residents. Profit must be made without harm to the environment or harm to people, and part is set aside for any initiative that can improve the human condition. 

Target Client

Slum residents and organizations who cannot reach the slum residents; NGOs,  governments, private groups.  

Income Source

Tenders, donations, awards, loans.

Financials available upon request


Reliable, high quality management, knowledge sharing and transferable programs in agriculture, art, entrepreneurship, and housing.


The YOD Art Programs directly influence neighbors through common values.  We make impact through what we call "SDG #Zero, Engagement".  From engagement we foster peace and security, reduce violence, and empower the poorest of the poor with worthiness and an entrepreneurial spirit. 


Our agri-program has the potential to impact over 500,000 lives. The program works in urban communities and can be transferred to other countries. The impact through value chain opportunities increases economic growth while providing food security.


YOD International has a 5 year  plan centered around agriculture and entrepreneurship  to improve self-reliance and make economic growth work for the poor by 2025.








We welcome collaborative programs that are place-based and human centered.  Our staff diversity includes expertise in agriculture, entrepreneurship, housing,  art empowerment, and collection of slum demographics for research.