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Future Training Center 

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Creating coops for food security; gender, youth and empowerment for persons with disabilities. 

Community dignity, shared values, and inspiration through collaborative mosaics that anchor Productive Community Spaces.

 The location for training is within the informal settlement of Mukuru with alternate training space near Mombasa.

Our choice to use a freight container for our training center is ecological and practical. The basis of everything we do is founded on simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and life-affirming choices. The center will use an eco-stove to train for healthy cooking, dry-flush toilets, solar lighting, rain water collection, and abandoned tires as furnishings. 

Container              $15,000
Land                      $30,000
Van                        $12,000
Training Tools        $  4,000
License/Marketing $  2,000
Soil prep/planting $10,000
Site Mgr.               $  2,000
Misc.                     $  2,500

Fresh Vegetables in Basket

Business Model

We follow a multi-sided, humanistic business model whereby services are co-created with communities and led by those communities = Community-led Development. 

Profit made must be without harm to the environment, people or their livelihoods. 

Target Client

Residents of informal settlements and organizations who wish to expand their reach the slum residents; NGOs,  governments, private groups.  

Income Source

Tenders, donations, awards, loans.

Financials available upon request


Community engagement, training, management, monitoring and evaluation, research, knowledge sharing and transferable programs to other informal settlement.


YOD Mosaics serve as "SDG #Zero, Engagement".  From engagement we empower communities by giving voice to common values.  From this empowerment, comes a sense of worthiness and an entrepreneurial spirit. 


Our agri-program has the potential to impact over 200,000 lives. The program methods can be followed in other communities. Food security is the goal with job creation through value chain opportunities that foster economic growth and follow inclusive development protocol. 


YOD International has a 5 year  plan centered around Productive Community Spaces and micro-economies to foster a model for self-reliance by 2025.








We welcome collaboration with organizations that follow place-based and human centered approaches.  Our staff diversity includes expertise in agriculture, entrepreneurship, housing,  art, and academic  research.





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