Angela R. Pashayan

Exec. Director

I was born and raised in Compton, California; my father was a community leader, my mother a school teacher and business owner.  A product of these three factors, my passion for poverty reduction through private enterprise and social entrepreneurship was born.  My commitment to the human condition comes from the fact that my home in Compton was the center of problems being solved, people being inspired, and business ideas being generated to improve the economic conditions of poverty. I have 13 years of experience developing and managing programs to reduce poverty in: India, Nepal, Peru, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Kenya. I also have health-related program experience in the UAE and Australia.
-UCLA, BA Psychology
-Norwich University, MA Int’l Relations & Diplomacy + Int’l Commerce
-Howard University, Ph.D. (in progress) Political Science/Int’l Relations

George Obell

Operations Manager

I was born in Kisumu. My family impressed the importance of being professional with attention to detail. Reading, writing, editing documents and assuring that things are operating according to mandates is my strength. My work begain in 2003 with Teal Trust Africa in Leadership. My work continued in 2008 with Safircom and Change Agents for Peace International. I began working with Angela in 2012 along with work at the MInistry of Plannin and the Judiciary of Kenya in Kisumu.  I have worked with Women and Youth in programs for empowerment and offer  IT training, particularly in the slum of Mathare in Nairobi. IT in Agriculture is  growing and that's where my passion is. All of my work is related to empowerment, education, and poverty reduction.

-Nairobi Aviation College, Computer Science

-ZETECH University, Web Design and Windows Server
-Cisco Networking Academy, Cyber Security

-KCA University, CCNA Routing & Switching

Janet L. Nzai

Development Resources

I was born and raised in Kilifi, Kenya. My father was a retired policeman and my mother a housewife. Both practiced peasant farming. I am the only one in my family to have formal education. From High School I attended Nursing School and graduated with a position at Mater Hospital. My passion for community development  inspired me to study sociology and psychology at the University of Nairobi, receivng a BA Degree. Later, I received a Master of Sociology (Rural sociology and Community Development). I have over 20 years working to help the poor in Kenya, including 4 years directly in community work supporting HIV/AIDS services within the Mukuru slums. I have partnered with the University of Marilyn for community based work, and managed research efforts on menstrual health for girls. I have passion for community work and advocating for the voiceless through poverty reduction programs. I am the newest menber of the YOD INternational team.  

Moha Mahamood


I was born in Mombasa and began work in Nairobi in 2009 as a driver and point of first contact for guests at a Woman-owned B&B in Nairobi. I continued this work for 8 years, with overlap work for Angela since 2012. My expertise is in logistics and establishing relationships with key stakeholders in projects related to poverty reduction. My work in 2017 for "Crutches for Africa" provided me with export experience, shipping to other developing countries on the continent. Angela says I have natural "diplomacy skills", which I have used in my 10 years experience in logistics and managing projects. 

Dennis A. Moturi

Legal Advisor & Counsel

I am an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and the Executive Director of Dennis Anyoka Foundation. Angela serves on my Board of Directors since 2018.  Anyoka Foundation is a registered charity in Kenya that is involved in serving the poor rural and urban informal settlements in Kenya. This alligns much with YOD International's mission for poverty reduction in the slums of Kenya. My work is focused on four pillars: Food, Clothing, Health Care and Quality Education for all. I look forward to continuing my work with YOD International including two recent cases where the poorest of the poor had no counsel. I attended Kenya School of Law from 2014-2016 and was partner at another law firm before starting my own law firm.

John Ombasa

Program Manager

I was raised in a Christian household with five brothers in Kisii. Like many Kenyans we worked tirelessly to make ends meet. However, we learned to invest wisely in land and to start entrepreneurial ventures. In addition, I was drawn to philosophy, psychology and matters related to poverty - all of which I have received awards for my accomplishments from 2003 to 2010. In 2002 I was Projecrt Officer for Malaria Control in Kiogoro. By 2007 I began work with street children for AMREF Kenya, I have continued my work as Project Coordinator and Deputy Director for various programs in Kenya promoting Women, I have an audience with Kenyan Government which helps me get things done. I have 17 years experience working in poverty reduction in Kenya, 7 years working with Angela.

-Uganda Martyrs University, BA Social Science


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