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Angela R. Pashayan
I was born and raised in Compton, California; my father was a community leader, my mother a school teacher and business owner.  A product of these three factors, my passion for poverty reduction through private enterprise and social entrepreneurship was born.  My commitment to the human condition comes from the fact that my home in Compton was the center of problems being solved, people being inspired, and business ideas being generated to improve the economic conditions of poverty. I have 15 years of experience developing and managing programs to reduce poverty in: India, Nepal, Peru, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Kenya. I also have health-related program experience in the UAE, Bahrain and Australia.
A Psychology, MA Diplomacy & Int’l Relations, Ph.D., Political Science/Int’l Relations 


Carla Ovando,
Vice President & Child Educator

I have worked for the City of San Francisco for over 15 years, educating children in child care settings. I first got involved with YOD through yoga, then further when I joined YOD's program at a children's shelter in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. I have shared my expertise in early childhood education with YOD to help programs globally since 2009. Traveling to Africa helped me see clearly the needs of children in developing countries. The fact that donations go directly to people in need was a big plus for my involvement.

Mohammed Kilolo aka "Pappa Choxx"
Operations Manager 
I have lived in Mukuru Slum for 20 years. I have a wife and two children. I have traveled to France with the opportunity to leave my struggles behind. However, I have compassion and a strong commitment to make things better in the slum. We are real people with hopes and dreams to improve our lives. I am committed to that.


Audrey Mosher
Secretary and Social Media
I am the one pictured on the right. I have know the founder of YOD since 2005 but never really knew what YOD did. As a staunch protector of wildlife, I journeyed to Africa with the founder and visited the slums. From that point on, I also became a staunch protector of people living in extreme poverty. Nothing gives me greater pleasure.  


Mohamed Mahamood aka "Moha"
Board Member & Logistics
I was born in Mombasa and began work in Nairobi in 2009 as a driver and point of first contact for guests at a Woman-owned B&B in Nairobi. I continued this work for 8 years, with overlap work for Angela since 2012. My expertise is in logistics and establishing relationships with key stakeholders in projects related to poverty reduction. My work in 2017 for "Crutches for Africa" provided me with export experience, shipping to other developing countries on the continent. Angela says I have natural "diplomacy skills", which I have used in my 10 years experience in logistics and managing projects. 


Agnes Waeni
Program Manager: 40 Woman Farm

I have always lived and worked on my family farm. Women farmers are common across Africa. Here in Kenya, the women who live in my area decided to come together and work the land to gain a larger harvest. YOD gave us this start. We now have food security and when climate change behaves, we have extra harvest to sell at the local market. The founder, Angela, visits us and we dance, eat, sing, and celebrate. But we never stop there - we talk and share ideas on how to get the most from our harvest.  We have a few goats on the farm but have a goal of getting more goats + 40 chickens. We have learned that eggs carry protein, good for our children's development. I am happy to lead this program and now have a sustainable future.


Tobias Nauruki
Agri-Team Lead
Tobias met Angela at the Agriculture Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) in Kigali, Rwanda. The conference is the largest agriculture and food systems conference in Africa. When Angela posed questions about food systems in the slums, no one had real answers except a fellow participant - Tobias.
Tobias is a human rights activist. He served as Chairperson and Youth Ambassador of KICCSA in Kenya.  He has 4 years experience in gender equality and youth engagement in urban agriculture. Tobias has worked for the Lumumba Foundation, GeoAgriculture Kenya, and YouthGender Global/National. His BSC degree in Chemistry and
 research skills are key to YOD programs and consultations. Tobias directs all of his talents towards reaching the UN sustainable goals (SDGs) particularly in Agriculture & Women's Programs and Food Security. His interests expand beyond Africa to regions in Central America and Honduras. This too is in synch with YOD, as Angela's vision for urban micro-farming can be used in any geography.


Tobias small viles.jpg

Peris Gicheru

I have been doing accounting for businesses in Kenya for 15 years. I also run a business selling household staples for cooking (beans, rice, flour, etc.). Kenya's payment system is advanced, as we have processed payments electronically since 2010 using Mpesa, a system similar to Apple Pay. I enjoy creating spreadsheets and managing payments for YOD to beneficiaries of programs, school fees, agriculture inputs, and whatever else YOD needs. I have known the founder since 2010.


Other Team Members

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