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 Globalization and technology have boosted Thomas Friedman's "Flat World" into what I have coined
"The New Frontier."  
-Dr. Angela R. Pashayan

The world is evolving, hold onto your hats! The latest evolution began with the 2008 Great Recession and continued with the "Occupy" movements. The 2016 US elections pushed global society further into populism, and the COVID-19 Pandemic tested individualism and loneliness. In 2019, Greta Thronburg awakened the need for further evolution on climate change, as did Black Lives Matter in 2020 on race. 2021 and 2022 brought coups and civil war in several countries, inclusive of full out war between Russia and Ukraine. Considering foreign policy and trade of vital commodities, Russia, Africa, Europe, China, and the US are constantly part of the discourse between liberals and conservatives. These rocky past 15 years have shuttered some industries and catapulted others. Like dinosaurs going extinct, what we thought would be with us forever may Not Be Needed in our future;​

  • gas operated vehicles - replaced with electric cars, scooters, EV buses 

  • paper money and coinage - replaced with e-wallets

  • credit and debit cards - replaced with biologics 

  • live teaching - replaced with pre-recorded videos and online classes

  • jobs with limited duties - replaced with AI

  • brick & mortar offices - replaced with at-home offices


Professor Angela R. Pashayan,  Ph.D.  

American University - Washington, DC
Adjunct: Howard University and London School of Economics
Political Science/International Development 

Areas of Specialization: Informal Settlements 

Dissertation: Link

A Different Approach to Extreme Poverty Reduction 

A comparative analysis between development professionals and residents of the Mukuru slum in Nairobi, Kenya regarding how best to reduce extreme poverty.  New theory introduced based on framework of Paolo Freire.


Committee Members:
Dr. Richard Seltzer (Chair), Dr. John Cotman, Dr. Jarpa Dawuni, Dr. Eleanor King, 

Dr. Walter Hill, with
Support From: John Simon - Former Ambassador to the African Union, Susan Fine -                        Former Deputy Administrator of USAID, Patrick Fine - Former CEO of FHi360.

UN Speech February 2022


Other Education:
MA International Relations & Diplomacy, Honors Graduate (2014)

International Relations & Diplomacy. Norwich University, Burlington, VT
Areas of Specialization: International Commerce and Cross-cultural Relations

BA Psychology, Department of Social Sciences

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Los Angeles, California 


BA Abroad, American-International Institute at Richmond University. London, England   

Degree conferred through UCLA    

Fellowship Awards and Honors:

2022 Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society, Top 5% of PhD class
2022 UN Special Consultative Status, ECOSOC
2021 The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Writing Fellow $7500

2020 Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellow (FLAS), Howard University  $5500

2019 Just-Julian Research Fellow, Howard University  $60,000
2018 StartingBloc, USC Marshall School of Business & Social Entrepreneurship $2500
2018 Global Peoples Fellow, UN General Assembly International Forum

2016 NAACP Meritorious Women, Los Angeles Chapter
2014 V.P., Sigma Iota Rho International Affairs Academic Scholars, Norwich University
2014 Leadership Summit, Norwich University


Research Grant:

2023 Dean's Research Award, American University School of International Service, $5,000

2022 Women Forward International, Academic/NGO collaborative, interdisciplinary research on gender empowerment internationally, $15,000

2020 The Knight Foundation, Howard University team under Dr. Middlemass $250,000
Black and Urban Digital Protections and Democratic Knowledge in Washington, DC   




  • Below the Proletariat; poverty reduction in the informal settlements of Nairobi (publish date December 2023 - Vernon Press).

  • Settling the Informal Settlements (manuscript in progress).

  • Stories of a Bhakti Yogi, ISBN 9781625635075, Publication Date; May, 2014, Tate Publishing, UK.

  • Living a Bhakti Life, ISBN 9781475970357, Publication Date; January, 2013, iUniverse Publishing, IN.

"The Mukuru Art Boyz" 2014 - Link
"Mukuru Mosaics" 2020 - Link


BROOKINGS - African Growth Initiative, podcast - Link


Research & Opinion Articles

Working Papers

“Inclusive Community-led Development in the Informal Settlements.” For submission to African Studies Review or Journal of African Affairs

“Social Justice during the Civil Rights Movement: Leadership in Jackson, Mississippi.” In progress.


Book Chapters Published

Pashayan, Angela R. 2021. “ICT in Africa,” in Introduction to Contemporary Africa, by Anita Plummer and Msia Kibona-Clark. Howard University African Studies 101, Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. 


Conference Presentations: 

  • 2024 "Realities of Development in African Slums; a case study of Mukuru Slum in Nairobi, Kenya." International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Conference.

  • 2023 "Urban Poverty Can No Longer Be Ignored." American Political Science Association (APSA) Africa Politics Conference Group. Montreal, Canada. September 15-18. Lightning Talk.

  • 2022 “Disinformation, Racism, and Psychological Justification: An American Security             Issue.” International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP), Athens, Greece. July 13-16. Paper Presentation.

  • 2022 “Attitudes and Opinions on Aid and Poverty Reduction; Mukuru Slum - Nairobi,             Kenya.” American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR). Chicago, IL. May 11-13. Paper Presentation. 

  • 2022 “Race, Disinformation and the Psychology of Justification.” Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference (MPSA). Chicago, IL. April 7-10. Paper Presentation

  • 2022 “Security in the New Frontier: Race, Disinformation and the Psychology of             Justification.” Southern Political Science Association Annual Conference (SPSA). San Antonio, TX. January 12-15. Paper Presentation. 

  • 2021 “Rethinking Democracy: A Global Agenda for Democratic Renewal.” Club de Madrid International Annual Policy Dialog. Washington, DC. October 18-20. Think-Piece Presentation.

  • 2021 “Mis/Disinformation & Black Communities in Washington, DC.” Cathy Hughes             School of Communication, Howard University. Washington, DC. September 30-October 1. Research Brief Presentation.

  • 2021 “Politics, Psychology and International Development in African Slums;                 effectiveness in Nairobi, Kenya” International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP). Montreal, Canada. July 15-17. Paper Presentation.

  • 2021 “Politics and International Development in African Slums pre and post COVID-19: Nairobi, Kenya.”  International Studies Association (ISA), West Coast Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV. April 6-9. Paper Presentation. 

  • 2021 “Inclusive Development in the Informal Settlements; extreme poverty program             analysis.” Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA), Chicago, IL. April 14-18. Paper Presentation.

  • 2020 “Politics and International Development in African Slums pre and post COVID-19: Nairobi, Kenya.” International Studies Association (ISA), Midwest Annual Conference, St. Louis, MO, Nov 20-23. Paper Presentation.

  • 2020 “The Role of Critical Consciousness in Poverty Reduction.” British International Studies Association (BISA), Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. June 17-19. Paper Presentation.

  • 2020 “Politics and livelihoods in the slums of Kenya; a case study on perspectives of             development professionals.” Global Academic Research Institute (GARI), Pan-African Conference, The Gambia. May 25-26. Paper Presentation.

  • 2020 “Mukuru slum dwellers in Nairobi, Kenya; on poverty, development, and self-            reliance.” National Conference of Black Political Scientists (NCOBPS), Atlanta., GA. March 11-15. Paper Presentation.

  • 2020 “Livelihoods in the slums of Kenya; a case study on perspectives of experts and slum         dwellers.” Global Academic Research Institute (GARI), Pretoria, South Africa. February 27-28. Paper Presentation.

  • 2019 “Thomas Friedman’s Flat World; Populism & Privilege.” American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Conference, Washington, DC Aug. 28-31. Interactive Digital Poster Presentation.



2023    APSA Annual Conference, August 31-September 3
Panelist: Policy & Political Implications of Mis/Disinformation
2022    APSA Annual Conference, September 15-18
Chair: Committee on the Status of Graduate Students Annual Meeting & Roundtable
Chair: Roundtable Discussion on “Alternative Paths for Academics.”
Lightning Talk: 21st Century Cities in Africa: Resistance, Reform & Renewal.         


2022    MPSA Annual Conference, April 7-10
Discussant:Taxation, coercive Agents and Political Trust in Africa


2022    SPSA Annual Conference, January 12-15

Chair and Discussant: Digital Politics: Security, Diplomacy, and State Strategy.


2021    Howard University Communications Conference, September 30-October 1

Panelist: Mis/Disinformation 101 and the Targeting of Black Communities


2021    APSA two-year term as Chair: Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the       Profession. Fall 2021-Fall 2023


2021     APSA Annual Conference, September 30-October 3
Discussant: Lenses in White Nationalism and Political Violence in the U.S.
Chair and Discussant: Foundations of Political Theory


2021     ISA Annual Conference, April 6-9

Panelist: Race, Security & Development: Theoretical, Analytical & Political.


2021     MPSA Annual Conference, April 14-18

Chair: Elites, Geography, and Political Economy in Comparative Politics.
Discussant: Elites, Geography, and Political Economy in Comparative Politics.
Roundtable Teaching: How to use Simulations & Games
Roundtable Teaching: Experiential Learning in the Classroom


2020     ISA Midwest Annual Conference, November 20-23

Panelist: Graduate Student poster presentations


2020     BISA Annual Conference UK, June 17-19    

Panelist:Ambitious Development


Invited Talks:

  • 2023 BROOKINGS, International Women's Day Panel March 2023

  • 2022 United Nations General Assembly 3rd Committee meeting with the Civil Society. Spoke as part of ECOSOC on the needs of slum dwellers in Africa’s informal settlements. February 16.

  • 2020 Progressive Women’s Caucus, Telluride, CO

   “Black Lives in Telluride and Beyond.” September 12.

  • 2018 Atlantic Council, Ph.D. Top Student Deliberation, Washington, DC.

   “Shaping the Principles of a New Global Order.” November 15.

  • 2016 GWU Elliot School for The Osgood Institute, Washington, DC.

   “Politics, Nascent Kenya, Nascent World.” June 8.

  • 2014 Norwich University, Leadership Summit, Northfield, VT.

   “Diplomacy and Utilizing Human Resources.” June 5.


Conference Attendance/Workshops:

2018-Present World Bank Spring Meetings, Washington, DC
2018-22     The Atlantic Festival, Washington, DC 

2019-22     World Bank Spring Meetings, Washington, DC

2019          State of Africa Bi-Annual Conference & CSO Forum, Washington, DC

2019          World Bank Poverty Conference with GW University, Washington, DC

2019          AIDF Summit, Africa Development and Technology, Washington, DC

2019          African Political Conference Group, APSA Chapter, Washington, DC

2019          Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS) Global Development Forum with Tony                           Blair, USAID, and Rockefeller Foundation. Washington, DC

2019         SANKALP for Development and Social Entrepreneurship. Nairobi, Kenya

2019         AIDF Summit with USAID, UN Habitat, and the International Organization for Migration.                        Nairobi, Kenya

2018         Wilson Center African Program on The Role of the Business Sector in Peace-building in                          Africa with the World Trade Organization (WTO), Washington, DC

2018         Wilson Center Africa Program on UN Sustainable Development Goals in Africa with                                Ambassador Tibor Nagy, Washington, DC 


2022-24 Volunteer to the UN, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

2022    Volunteer for ONE, Bono’s Campaign Against Extreme Poverty 

2022    Service to the academy as APSA Chair, Committee on the status of Graduate Students in the               Profession, 3yr term

2022    Mentor for undergraduates, Black Professionals in International Affairs

2022    Service to the academy as AAPOR, Inclusion & Equity Committee Member 

2021    Service to the academy as symposium contributor to Political Science Journal

2021    Service to the academy as Peer Reviewer for World Affairs Sage Publication and                           

2020    Departmental Speaker at Howard University Graduate Recruitment Session

2020    University Volunteer for Howard University Research Week

2020    Community Volunteer Census Enumerator for the Homeless in Washington, DC

2020    Service to the academy as Peer Reviewer for
2019    Service to the academy as Peer Reviewer for International NGO Journal

2019    Departmental Volunteer for Howard University African Women’s Day

2015    Service to the academy as V.P. Sigma Iota Rho International Affairs Scholars


Service At Large

2022-3  Board Member, Fullbright Scholars - Washington, DC

2021     Clinton Foundation Global Initiative/Howard University Service Day 

2021     Congressional Candidate Campaign Strategist for Don Valdez (D-CO) District 3

2018     Congressional Candidate Campaign Strategist for Don Valdez (D-CO) District 3

2018     Jimmy Carter Habitat for Humanity, Home framing, Montrose, CO. Summer.

2017     Telluride Parks and Recreation Board, Telluride, CO

2015    Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign Office Manager District 3-CO

2016-22 Town of Mountain Village, CO Ethics Board

2012-21 Non-profit projects; India, Africa, Peru, Australia, Indonesia, Middle East, Nepal 


Teaching Experience:

Full-time Faculty Professorial Lecturer
   American University - School of International Service, 2022 to present
   Full-time, three course-load, and service to the academic cannon

Adjunct Lecturing Professor
  Howard University - Political Science Dept, 2023 to present
  Gender and Development


Adjunct Lecturing Professor

    London School of Economics - London, England, 2022 

    World Economy from the Industrial Revolution to the Present

Academic Dean of Faculty, Summer Program
   Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth - Baltimore, MD, Summer 2022

    Term 1 and 2, leading faculty to teach students who test four grades above their age.


Adjunct Lecturing Professor
   California State University Northridge - Northridge, CA, Spring 2022 
   Department of Political Science, Experiential Programs-DC


Guest Lecturer 

    African-American Literature, Culture, and Politics. 

    Ridgway High School, Ridgway, CO, Guest Session, Spring 2021


    Political Science and International Relations Theory. COVID-19 CANCELLED

    Johns Hopkins Summer Teaching, Skidmore University Campus, Summer 2020


    Poverty Reduction, Experiential Classroom. Private trips to Nairobi, Kenya 

     2013, 2014, 2015, 2019, 2022


Faculty Instructor 

    Telluride Ah Haa School of the Arts, Telluride, CO 

    Cross-Cultural Relations and Art. 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.


    Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM)
    San Francisco, CA & Los Angeles, CA Campuses

    Marketing, Fall, Winter, Spring 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

    Merchandising, Fall, Winter, Spring 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

    International Sourcing, Fall, Winter, Spring 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

    International Trends, Fall, Winter, Spring 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
   Global History of Fashion, Fall, Winter, Spring 2010, 2011, 2012

    PR/Event Planning, Fall, Winter, Spring 2009, 2010


   Certificate - Teaching and Learning Conference, APSA 2019
   Certificate - Howard University Preparing Future Faculty Summit, May 2019

   Certificate - American Institute for Research, Pipeline Partnership Program
   Cultural Linguistics in Survey Design 2021


Related Professional Experience:
Research Consultant: Joy Reid, MSNBC Journalist. Washington, DC (present).
Research and writing for book, “The life of Medgar Evers, Civil Rights Leader.” Weekly meetings with Joy Reid. Uncovered six civil rights activist still living who were neighbors or worked with Evers. Arranged interview and traveled with Joy Reid to assist documentation.


Research Consultant: Congressional Black Caucus State Legislators and HU Walters Center for Public Policy. Washington, DC 

Work with a team of three to launch a Policy Institute. Creation of the institute’s organizational structure and six research centers to specialize in policy areas where model legislation and research will be made available for the advancement of communities of color.


Howard University Lead Research Assistant (RA) - Knight Foundation (present)
Washington, DC

Oversee a team of eight RA’s including training for fieldwork; interviews, surveys and focus groups. Project is to research dis and mis information in the Black Community of Washington, DC surrounding the 2016 elections and the 2020 pandemic.


Program & Policy Analyst  - USAID
Washington, DC

Research & Policy analysis in coordination with ADS Ch. 205 and 201 for inclusive development and gender initiatives. Collaboration on presentations with Division Chief of the Bureau for Resilience and Food Security (RFS) to achieve State Department Global Food Security objectives. Analysis of World Bank & field data+industry trends for the bureau.


Independent Geopolitical Writer  - The Minotaur Group, Think Tank
Washington, DC
Analysis of critical global issues for clients and global stakeholders in private sector business and government. Production of two articles per month to provide salient information on current events.


International Political Policy Analyst, Africa & African Union (2019)

USAU Embassy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  - Washington, DC

Remote operating unit of the US Mission to the African Union (USAU). Provided research and wrote briefs on issues for diplomatic presentations.

Editor and Analysts, Total Impact Capital (2019 part-time)

Bethesda, MD

Research, grant editing , and analytical contribution in the review of multi-lateral impact investments in Africa and Central America. Worked under the direction of  former Ambassador to the African Union, John Simon.


Exec. Director of Programs, (consultant)
Nairobi, Kenya 

Development of poverty reduction for Nairobi’s Informal Settlements. Programs include Agriculture, Art, and Entrepreneurship focused in the Mukuru slum.


Exec. Dir. Cross-Cultural Event - MainStage Productions (consultant) 

Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE / Bahrain - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2019

Production of a multi-day program on wellness and Cross-Cultural dialog. International speakers from 19 countries.


Producer - Documentary, Nairobi, Kenya

Mukuru Art Boyz Screened at:
   UN Association Film Festival - Stanford University 2018
   Beverly Hills Film Festival, Beverly Hills, CA 2018
   Richmond International Film Fest, Richmond, VA 2019
   London Independent Film Fest “Best Documentary” 2019
   The African Film Festival, Dallas, TX “Best upcoming Filmmaker” 2020
   The Garden Route Int’l Film Festival, South Africa “Best Documentary” 2020
   The Los Angeles Lift-off Film Festival 2020

   The Amsterdam Lift-off Film Festival 2020

Mukuru Mosaics Screened at:

    Dubai International Film Festival, Dubai, UAE 2021

    World-Fest Houston International Film Festival “Finalist” 2021
    The African Film Festival, Dallas, TX 2021

    Venice Shorts, Venice Beach, CA 2021
    Tokyo Shorts, Tokyo, Japan 2021


 Professional Affiliations:

    Black Professionals in International Affairs

    Women in Foreign Policy Group    
    American Political Science Association 
    National Association of Black Political Scientists
    International Studies Association  

    UN Association of America
    African Studies Association   


Technical Skills:

  •     Learning Management: Blackboard and Canvas online teaching, 

  •     Video Conferencing: Zoom, Google Meets, Teams, WebEx, Skype

  •     Web-building Platforms: Wix, WordPress, Homestead

  •     Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

  •     Mac and PC/MS Office Suite, G Suite, Excel, Powerpoint

  •     Research: SPSS


2021/2022 - AAPOR Committee Member, EIC

2021/2023 - Chair APSA Committee on the status of PhD Students in the profession

2018/2020 - Documentary Short on Mukuru Slum Dwellers in Nairobi

2016 - NAACP Meritorious Women of 2016 / Los Angeles Chapter

2015 - Vice President of SIR Academic Scholars, Norwich University, VT

2014 - Leadership Summit + Honors Graduate, Norwich University

2010 - The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Best Program Nationwide 



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