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Utumishi Cooperative House

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What we do

Work with Slum Dwellers for better food,housing,entrepreneurship, and wellbeing through art.

Including: Contract Work to extend the reach of programs that do not include residents of Kenyan slums.

Urban Agriculture Training: 

Impact Potential 450,000 people

  • Wholistic approach to self-reliance

  • System devised by slum youths at B.L.E.P.

  • Place-based community farming.

  • Coop-model of agriculture.

  • Whole systems including natural fertilizer from rabbit urine fermentation

  • Chickens, rabbits, and ducks for meat and bi-products.

  • Proven methods studied by Nairobi University. 

  • Ablity to re-produce in other countries.

Entrepreneurship/Value Chain 

Impact Potential 145,000 people

  • Urban & Rural Agriculture Model

  • Pyramid farming

  • Fertilizer production & sales

  • Raising chickens and rabbits

  • Best practices for small spaces

  • Health & safety precautions

  • Sales and budgeting

  • Education on micro-lenders

  • Farm-stand start-up

  • Non-monetary financial models

  • Mentoring youth


Impact Potential 350,000 people

  • Design and production experience with Goodies Ltd.

  • Learn Marketing, Production, Sales, Export, and quality control

  • Learn Computerized Accounting

  • Understanding the benefits through value chain

  • Regional sales to African countries

Community Pride/Art: 

Impact Potential 550,000 people

  • Support creative aspirations 

  • Teach marketing and about Artist in Residence programs 

  • Community Mosaics 

  • Exhibits at the Farm

  • Internship with Kitengala Glass

  • Puppet making from Sesame Street expert

  • Internship with film company

Safe Housing Alternative:

 Impact Potential 300,000 people

  • Concrete pre-fab, movable home

  • Health, hygeine, food safety, safe cooking

  • Understanding child development

  • First aid

  • Connect to Micro-lenders

Consulting/Data Collection

Need expert advise on how to reach your goals or best practices for poverty reduction programs? Need accurate data from the slums? Let Angela and John conduct research for a customized solution for you program - OR let our team extend your program to slum residents.

Potential Impact

There are 2.5 million people who live in the slums of Nairobi. Our programs have the potential to impact all, with expanded reach through agri-plots in Kisii, Kisumu, Kakamega, and Bungoma Counties. ​

Our programs can be exported to other countries

Non-profit 501(c)(3) in 2006 philanthropic grants to small nonprofits including:
-Dzi Foundation, Nepal
-Invisible Children, Central African
-Work to Ride, Philadelphia USA
-Casa de Milagros, Peru

2008 engaging in programs.
2010 developing programs, recruiting volunteer staff for global work in poverty reduction through entrepreneurship.
2012 focus on slums of Kenya
2018 architectural site plans for women’s entrepreneurial training center; marketing, production, exports, design, and agriculture in Kisii with access for slum residents in Nairobi.


  • ​​​​Slum Art Slam, Kibera. Outdoor program attracting 300 parrticipants 2013. Impact 2,500 people

  • From Hand to Hand. Grass roots start up directed by Angela and John 2011-2013. Re-located 8 families from the slums of Kibera and Mukuru to rural Kilgoris for Agriculture Communal Living. Impact 2,550 people

  • Documentary, The Mukuru Art Boyz. On the lives of five painters who live in the slums. Screened at the Beverly Hills Film Festival 2018, The UN Association Film Festival 2019, The London Independent Film Awards 2018, the Richmond International Film Festival 2019.  Impact 10,500 people

  • Art Boyz entrepreneurial and re-location program 2014. Impact 1,200 people

  • Raised over $1.180,000 in capital since 2006

  • India orphanage & Untouchables Sewing Program 2010. Impact 1,500 people

  • Indonesia quake and volcano program 2008. Impact 2,500 people

  • Sydney Children's Hospital Program 2011. Impact 200 people

  • Hamilton Shelter, San Francisco Program 2011. Impact 450 people

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America 2009-2012. 2010 Award Winning Program Nationwide. Impact 2,000 people

  • Biratnagar, Nepal Program 2009. Support for childrens hospital wing. Impact 500 people

  • Maasai Joy School - Arusha, Tanzania 2011-2012. Agriculture and Art. Impact 2,050 people

  • UAE Health Program - Yoga Conference 2012-2015. Impact 3,500 people

  • San Francisco Health Dept. Reduction of Absence Program. 2009-2012. Impact 4,500 people