Community Art for Productive Spaces 


Current Impact - 5000 people

  • Installation of community mosaics for dignity  and empowerment

  • Community quotes on each mosaic piece

  • Common values are shared and exhibited in the mosaic

  • Feelings of worthiness are instilled

  • Community pride is fostered

  • Local artists are paid for their work 

  • Women, children and the elderly are encouraged to participate

  • Mosaic site serves as a Productive Community Space for  entrepreneurship and gathrings



Urban Agriculture/Food Security 


Current Impact - 25,000 lives

  • Training manual for slum dwellers

  • Women's Agri-enterprise program

  • Hands-on training program  

  • Support to new urban farmers  

  • Starter kits for vertical farming 

  • Place-based system devised by slum youths 

  • Whole systems; chickens, rabbits, and ducks for meat and bi-products (fertilizer).

  • Internships for Nairobi University students 

  • Ability to replicate program in other countries


Recycling from the nearby dump is used for 

creative and practical need on the farm 

Entrepreneurship & Women Farmers


Current Impact - 2,000 people

  • Businesses coop model, Savings Groups

  • Women's 9 month financial training with HIH

  • Value chain opportunities in fertilizer production, sales, marketing, raising chickens and rabbits.

  • YOD "Fresh Box" delivery service 

  • Community stall produce business 

  • Healthy cooking classes

  • Education on micro-lenders & community lending

  • Non-monetary financial models of trade



We believe in partnering for greater impact. No one can reduce poverty alone. Community leaders have partnership with:

  • HIH to train our Women's groups on saving and entrepreneurship.

  • KDI to add play structures for children and gathering spaces at our Community Mosaics

  • Landmawe Resource Center for building rent-a-kitchens across Mukuru

  • VICCO for health initiatives in Yoga and nutrition 

  • Muungano/AMT to identify key locations in Mukuru where Productive Community Spaces are needed

  • All partners play a role in YOD Agri-Team programs

  • Link to photos from the first meeting are here.

Women's Agency in the Economy

Our Women need equipment to increase productivity in farming. $500 buys a water tank.


Need accurate data from the slums?
Let Angela and her team conduct research for you. 


  • 2022 Special program in Viwandani Slum for women, youth, and children led by Dr. Pashayan and community leaders

  • Micro-farming project with partner VICCO filmed on local television for its impact on the slum community

  • USAID Nutrition Training Completed to include nutrition specific inputs into the Women's Farm in Nglani 

  • 2022 Three single-unit homes built for a family in time for birth of newborn baby girl

  • 2022 UN floor appeal made by Dr. Angela Pashayan for slum dwellers in Nairobi and across Africa 

  • 2022 Over 35 Community Mosaics created in Mukuru slum, 15 being used as Community Productive Spaces

  • 2022 first large harvest by women farmers in Nglani County, Machakos, enough to sell excess in Mukuru Slum

  • 2021 partnerships with HIH, Muungano Alliance, KDI, Ruben Center, VICCO, and LMRC

  • 2021 Research Focus groups (N500) and Development Practitioner interviews (N100) on extreme poverty reduction

  • ​​​​Mukuru Slum Mosaic featured in Kenya Art Diary 2020

  • Urban farm helped its first woman to build her own farm 2019

  • Slum Art Slam, Kibera. Outdoor program attracting 300 parrticipants 2013. Impact 2,500 people

  • From Hand to Hand. Grass roots start up directed by Angela and John 2011-2013. Re-located 8 families from the slums of Kibera and Mukuru to rural Kilgoris for Agriculture Communal Living. Impact 2,550 people

  • Documentary, The Mukuru Art Boyz. On the lives of five painters who live in the slums. Screened at the Beverly Hills Film Festival 2018, The UN Association Film Festival 2019, The London Independent Film Awards 2018, the Richmond International Film Festival 2019.  Impact 10,500 people

  • Art Boyz entrepreneurial and re-location program 2014. Impact 1,200 people

  • As of 2020, raised over $1,253,000 in capital since 2006

  • India orphanage & Untouchables Sewing Program 2010. Impact 1,500 people

  • Indonesia quake and volcano program 2008. Impact 2,500 people

  • Sydney Children's Hospital Program 2011. Impact 200 people

  • Hamilton Shelter, San Francisco Program 2011. Impact 450 people

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America 2009-2012. 2010 Award Winning Program Nationwide. Impact 2,000 people

  • Biratnagar, Nepal Program 2009. Support for childrens hospital wing. Impact 500 people

  • Maasai Joy School - Arusha, Tanzania 2011-2012. Agriculture and Art. Impact 2,050 people

  • UAE Health Program - Yoga Conference 2012-2015. Impact 3,500 people

  • San Francisco Health Dept. Reduction of Absence Program. 2009-2012. Impact 4,500 people