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Since 2012, YOD follows an autonomous, earth-friendly poverty reduction model that works for slum dwellers in Nairobi’s informal settlements. We focus on AGRICULTURE, ART, & ENTREPRENEURSHIP that further create value-chain jobs. Through produce cooperatives and community artistic expression, it is our mission to help residents of the informal settlements create a micro-economy that is self-reliant.  In essence, we create opportunities for the poor to earn income, eat healthy food and start small businesses.  

 Poverty Reduction requires being in tune with politics, economics, foreign relations, trade, and the humanitarian goals of the United Nations (the Sustainable Development Goals - SDG's). Direct engagement with people in abject poverty is a must for solving problems. Empowering Women is also a key factor in reducing poverty. The work calls for trust and critical thinking relative to cultural issues that intersect with development strategies.


We develop programs for "The New Frontier"…a future that demands resilience and programs that are autonomous, community-centered, and based on building authentic sustainability. Our gender-based programs help Women lead the way, but we do not forget that children and youth are integral to community success stories. 


We believe in research to make programs more impactful. We provide assistance to large NGOs in need of specific data.  Poverty reduction is a collaborative effort, mostly including the collaboration of the community.

Angela R. Pashayan, Founder and Executive Director - YOD International

COVID-19  has affected the communities we serve. Please donate. Type "pandemic relief" on your donation or contact us to donate in the name of someone you have lost.



 We train slum dwellers in entrepreneurship ventures that serve their community. The goal is to shift from inconsistent income from outside-community gigs to steady income from within the community.


Urban farming in small spaces using vertical techniques is what works in the slums. Our micro-farm coop offers vegetables, eggs, and foul for consumption AND training to start for women, youth and persons with disabilities. The goals is to "green up" the informal settlements


 We foster common values through Community Mosaics created from recycled materials. The mosaics  instill pride throughout the informal settlements.

We support DIGNITY.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill


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