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Poverty Reduction

Who we are: 

YOD International is a supplier of poverty reduction programs, and humanitarian intelligence on the welfare of Kenya's slum residents. Our focus:  Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Community Art, and Housing.  

In essence, we help provide income, food, shelter, and empowerment. We are committed to helping people who live in the slums and extending the reach of government and NGOs who's programs do not reach slum dwellers.  YOD has  worked in Nairobi's slums since 2012.


 We extend the value-chain from our agriculture and community art programs to provide slum dwellers with a chance to make the leap out of poverty. 


We train for farming in small spaces using vertical techniques, and run a coop in LuckySummer Slum.

We create Food Security.

Training for end users or NGO's


 We foster common values and instill pride which promotes nonviolence. Our  documentary was screened at the UN Association Film Festival.



Most homes are made of corrugated tin with illegal wiring overhead for electricity. Cooking fires jump from roof to roof and fire trucks cannot access  areas deep in the slums. We suggest a pre-fab concrete home, affordable through a micro-loan.  

OTHER Programs

Feeding little minds with a positive vision for Kenya's future is paramount. Global Awareness, Role Play, Ethics, Leadership, Gender Equality, and Diplomacy.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Let us not forget the poorest of the poor.