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Poverty Reduction

Who we are: 

YOD International is a supplier of poverty reduction programs and humanitarian intelligence since 2012. We focus on the slums of Kenya and foster Entrepreneurship, Agriculture and Community Art.  Our programs also include housing and recycling.  In essence, we create opportunities for the poor to earn income, eat healthy food and start small businesses. We also help other non-profits and NGO's develop programs that benefit slum dwellers. 

Effective Poverty Reduction requires being in tune with politics, economics, foreign relations,  foreign direct investment, international trade, and the humanitarian goals of the United Nations (the Sustainable Development Goals - SDG's). Programs must be multi-dimensional to tackle issues of health, the environment, education, self-expression, food security, foreign aid, self-determination through critical consciousness, practical entrepreneurship, and the practice of democratic principles.

This seems like an exhaustive list of cross-sectoral issues but when you work in the slums, these are the realities that affect daily life. We are prepared to tackle the tough issues that thwart the chance to live subsistently. We believe everyone deserves a decent standard of living. 

The above realities are also at the forefront of our program development process. We develop programs for what we call Poverty Reduction in "The New Frontier."  Most important, we have the ability to make authentic connections with the people we serve which builds trust and success.

Angela R. Pashayan, PhD in progress - Washington, DC



 We extend the value-chain from our agriculture and community art programs to provide slum dwellers with a chance to make the leap out of poverty. 

We train for farming in small spaces using vertical techniques, and run a coop in LuckySummer Slum.

We create Food Security.

Training for end users or NGO's

 We foster common values and instill pride which promotes nonviolence. Our  documentary was screened at the UN Association Film Festival.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”