600,000 Awareness via Documentary
25,000 Livelihoods impacted
N(600) Reseach participants

400 Families fed by Women Farmers
31 Community Productive Spaces

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Extreme Poverty Reduction

Who we are: 
Since 2012 YOD has followed an autonomous, Community-led approach to development in Nairobi’s 2nd largest slum, Mukuru. We strengthen families through job creation via AGRICULTURE, ART, & ENTREPRENEURSHIP within and for the community. YOD fosters  a community-based micro-economy that is self-reliant.  We create opportunities for the poor to earn income, grow food and start small businesses within their own community.  In essence, we help build a better foundation for families and children who live in the slum.  

Telluride Flights Worldwide Children's Relief Fund dba YODinternational

Child and Youth empowerment through self-expression for confidence building.

 Effective Poverty Reduction requires engagement with people first, then politics, economics, foreign relations, trade, and the humanitarian goals of the United Nations (Sustainable Development Goals - SDG's). In hard-to reach places like the informal settlements of Nairobi, the first thing needed is a "place" to gather.  YOD fosters the creation of Community Mosaics, which become the anchors of  Productive Community Spaces where residents can meet and critically think about ways to reach economic stability; a Community-led Development approach that intersects with aid. 


Empowering Women is a key factor, as they are the CEO's of the household, but we do not forget that children, youth, and men are an integral part of community success stories.  At YOD, we co-create programs for "The New Frontier" inclusive of pandemics, environmental disasters, and economic downturns.  YOD programs are autonomous, human-centered, and based on what the community needs most; resilience and long-term sustainability.  


We believe in research to share knowledge on what works and what doesn't work. And we provide assistance to large NGOs to extend their reach into informal settlements.  

Angela R. Pashayan, Ph.D. (ABD) Howard University

Founder - YOD International, Community-led Development

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 We train in entrepreneurship and value-chain opportunities that serve the community. The goal is to shift from inconsistent income earned outside the community, to steady income earned within the community.

We foster 


Urban farming in small spaces using vertical techniques is what works in the slums. Our micro-farm coop offers vegetables, eggs, and foul for consumption AND training  for women, youth and persons with disabilities. The goals is to "green up" the informal settlements

We create 


 We foster common values through creating "Community Productive Spaces" anchored by YOD Mosaics that reflect the VOICES of the COMMUNITY. Made of recycled materials, the mosaics serve as a hub for vital information, local trade, human services, and they instill pride.

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“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill